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Facing Some Of Life’s Biggest Challenges, Like Infertility, Change In Family Dynamics, Anxiety Or Depression?

If anything is certain, life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes they’re easy to navigate, or we somehow manage to work our way through them. At other times, they can be overwhelming and have a detrimental effect on your wellbeing.

You might think you ‘should’ be able to cope with whatever difficulties life throws your way. Even when it becomes clear that your well being is suffering you may still find it hard to ask for help for a range of reasons.

The thing is, sometimes not being able to cope is a completely normal and appropriate reaction in trying to deal with something that’s outside of your normal range of experience.

Seeing a Psychologist is beneficial for those with a diagnosis like Anxiety or Depression, but it can also be helpful for a broad spectrum of other issues too.

If you are facing barriers to starting a family, the overwhelm of infertility, the stress that comes with being a new parent or navigating the other various struggles that come with family life I can support you to better manage their negative impact.

Stressful life events affect both women and men and you may notice differences in the ways you tend to cope with stress compared to your partner. I have worked with an increasing number of men who have decided they want to enjoy the benefits of having good emotional and mental health. They view seeing a Psychologist as taking responsibility for their health rather than a sign of weakness.

Life can be amazing, but it can also be really hard and complex and messy. By engaging a Psychologist, you are getting the specialised support you need to effectively deal with and manage whatever personal issue you are going through.  

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Dealing with Infertility.

All your hopes and dreams come crashing down in an instant. A diagnosis of infertility can leave you feeling helpless and hopeless. You have lived with a story that’s been a focus for the direction of your life; automatically imagining one day someone would call you Mum or Dad. Now it doesn’t look like that will ever happen.


This sudden turn you didn’t see coming leaves you feeling sad, confused, angry, lonely and you can even start grieving for what you might not have. These emotions have to go somewhere, and if you are in a relationship it can suffer.


I offer a safe space to air your emotions, learn how to understand and cope with them, take better care of yourself and turn towards your partner instead of away.

Learning how to communicate with each other so you are a support and not divided by circumstances will give your relationship the best chance to survive the challenge of infertility. Life doesn’t have to end because the dreams feel like they have. Let me guide you to find the support you feel has been missing.

Parent self-care is paramount

Parenting can be quite an overwhelming experience for any person. Overwhelm and all that comes with it can start long before you actually become a parent. From the first thoughts when you consider becoming a parent, to having a child or children and then working through the journey of actually parenting them, there are many aspects on an emotional and practical level to navigate.

When it comes to understanding this journey I’ve always been committed to working with you to gauge where you’re at, what you want and may need and then to support you to connect with your own wisdom and resources instead of succumbing to the noise all around you. This gives you an opportunity to gain confidence and fulfil your role in a more rewarding way.

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Men's Wellbeing.

“Emotional difficulties? Nah, I don’t have any issues!”

The reality is, you are human and every human being has the potential to struggle at different times in his or her life. As a man you can feel compelled to go it alone and believe it’s not ok to talk through what you’re experiencing.

There is no shame in seeking help. In fact many men I have worked with share how relieved they are to finally have someone to help them understand and connect with the solutions they’re seeking. You just want to fix it and have whatever is going on, go away.

Together we will discover ways you can better manage things in your life so you can feel more relaxed, in control of your emotions and able to get back to living your life.


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Get in Contact with Rebecca.

I'm here to help. As a Registered Psychologist and qualified Gestalt Therapist I have a lot of professional tools to support you. What I want you to really know is, like you, I've experienced the ups and downs of life and I've found ways that work for me to move forward and live a fulfilling, purposeful life. A large part of that purpose is helping you to do the same.

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