How Seeing A Psychologist Can Benefit You

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It can be helpful to think about seeing a Psychologist for your mental health and wellbeing as like seeing a Physiotherapist for an injured ankle. You might hobble around on your sore ankle for a little while but eventually you will go and see a trained professional to help you to diagnose the injury and give you the advice needed to manage it and eventually recover.

Like our physical health, sometimes we encounter difficulties with our personal health and wellbeing that require expert help. Issues such as marriage conflict, persistent worrying thoughts, low self-esteem, separation, coping with a partner or child who has a mental illness, or dealing with infertility are experiences that can be difficult to navigate on our own.

By engaging a Psychologist, you are getting the specialised support you need to effectively deal with and manage whatever personal issue you are going through.

There are many benefits of having a Psychologist as part of your support crew and here are just a few…



A Fresh Perspective

Talking to our friends and family at times of stress can sometimes be helpful and sometimes not. Those close to us are biased and usually automatically take our side, some give us advice when we just want a listening ear and sometimes we feel we can’t offload as much as we would like for fear of over burdening our loved ones with our problems. A Psychologist however can offer an unbiased perspective to new or old problems and will ask questions that will enable you reflect more openly on your own perspective.



Time For You

Your Psychology sessions are all about you. There’s no need to worry about things like whether you’re talking about yourself too much, filtering what you say for fear of judgement or taking up someone else’s time. Each hour you spend with a Psychologist is an hour you give to yourself to constructively talk about what is important to you. You may decide to spend your session offloading a burden, discussing the specifics of how to deal with a problem or celebrating your progress towards reaching a specific goal. Your Psychologist is there to help and support you in the way that works best for you.



Clarity Of Mind

Thinking and working on our problems in isolation doesn’t always mean we work through them successfully. We often tie ourselves up in knots, not knowing if we’re dealing with our personal issues in the best way possible. In talking through our problems with a trained professional we become clearer about our thoughts and more connected with our feelings. When we have clarity of mind and emotion we are in a much better place to successfully manage our difficulties.




Change is hard! We all have habits that are hard to break. These can be destructive thinking patterns, the way we relate to other people, or behavioural habits. A Psychologist can help you to identify the changes you would like to make, how to make those changes and what to do when you encounter hurdles along the way. You can check in with them about how you are going and tease out and address what might be getting in the way of success. I will say it again, change is hard, so I help my clients celebrate the small wins and treat themselves with compassion.

As you can see there are so many great reasons to get help from a Psychologist. To find out more about how you might benefit get in touch here.

Rebecca Lyon