Parenting is a complex experience. At times confusing, worrying, and frustrating. But also rewarding, delightful, and fun.

Stress, overwhelm and all that comes with it can start long before you actually become a parent. From falling pregnant to having a child or children and then working through the journey of actually parenting them, there are many aspects on an emotional and practical level to navigate.

The challenges of this role differ depending on whether you are in a relationship, co-parenting or are a single parent. And becoming a parent causes us to reflect on our own families, childhoods and the way we were parented. Our children teach us so much about ourselves.

When it comes to understanding this journey I’m committed to working with you to gauge where you’re at, what you want and may need and then to support you to connect with your own wisdom and resources instead of succumbing to the noise all around you. This gives you an opportunity to gain confidence, fulfill your role in a more rewarding way and look after yourself on the journey.

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