Three Surprising Benefits of Psychological Counselling for Men

Do you think seeing a Psychologist is only for women?

Reluctant to talk to a stranger about “that emotional stuff”?

Worried it means you’re weak or not masculine?


Many male client’s share they have sometimes spent lots of time considering seeing a Psychologist often before making the first step. Some have been encouraged to “go and talk to someone” by those close to them.

The great thing is most are surprised at the benefits they get from engaging in the process of working with a Psychologist.


Below are three surprising benefits blokes can expect from seeing a Psychologist:


1. Improvement in your sex life

Yup, you read correctly!

Stress, low mood, anxiety, low self-esteem and relationship problems are all factors, which can get in the way of a healthy sexual relationship. The more emotionally aware you are the more able you will be to connect with your significant other on a deeper level. Emotional connection with a partner is often the precursor to physical and sexual intimacy (or a much better sex life might be how you’d say it!).

Unfortunately, males are not socialised or encouraged to develop their emotional intelligence. A Psychologist can help with this, enabling you to reach your full relationship potential. If you aren’t in a relationship but would like to be, addressing these barriers will clear the way so you can be the best version of yourself when the right person comes along.

2. To feel more masculine

Seeing a Psychologist means you are taking responsibility for your well being and mental health and that’s a good thing!

You are in a confidential space to talk through any stresses or difficulties preventing you from being a good partner, loving father, or available friend. Caring for your mental well being can lead to improved mental capacity (so you can think clearer), better performance at work (so work is a nicer place to be in many instances), a clearer more positive outlook on life (so you can see the good things and not focus just on what’s not working), motivation to set and achieve goals and a general feeling of being more in control of yourself and your life. It’s a great feeling to gain emotional resilience and to feel mentally strong!

3. Realise you’re “normal” (yep, you are!)

Shhhhh don’t tell your mates you know, but yes, they sometimes struggle emotionally too!

They feel unsure of themselves, down at times, scared, and even sad. But you might not know this because when you get together with your mates you talk about anything but emotions. And if someone dares to being it up they’re usually met with a “you’ll be right mate”.

Some of these guys are brave enough to chat to a Psychologist in private about their emotional difficulties and mental health and this too needs to be seen as a “normal” and healthy.

If you are keen to see what some time with a Psychologist can offer you, then I’d love to chat.  I’ve been supporting blokes in my professional practice for many years and love the challenge of helping you get a better handle on your mental and emotional well being.  You can find all the contact details here to get in touch.