Being a parent is often called the hardest job there is. There is no clock off time, its a 24/7 gig that lasts a life time, we don’t get paid and the bar constantly shifts as new challenges arise with each developmental phase and stage in the journey that is parenthood. It can be overwhelming, confusing, frustrating and just plain exhausting. On the flip side we can experience joy and a love for our children like never before. Emotionally, practically and relationally there are many aspects to navigate.

The challenges of parenting are individual to each families circumstances; whether you are in a traditional two parent household, same-sex relationship, co-parenting or a single parent.


When it comes to understanding this journey I’m committed to working with you to gauge where you’re at, what you want and may need and then to support you to connect with your own wisdom and resources instead of succumbing to the noise around you. This gives you an opportunity to gain confidence, fulfill your role in a more rewarding way and look after yourself well in the process.